Todd Caze PhD

Located in Tulsa, OK


Todd Caze

Dr. Todd Caze II, renowned counselor and psychologist, began his career in the field of education, serving as a school counselor. His interest in youth psychology propelled him to eventually establish his private practice, specializing in counseling youth. His academic journey took him to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. During this period, he was deeply involved in athletic medicine, offering both individual and team performance psychology and managing concussion services.

His pursuit of knowledge and proficiency led him to the UCLA Semel Institute, where he completed his residency in adult neuropsychology and had a critical rotation at UCLA BrainSport under the guidance of Dr. Chris Giza. Further honing his expertise, Dr. Caze embarked on the first fellowship in pediatric concussion in a sports medicine setting at Children’s Health Andrews Institute in Plano, TX. Here, he was mentored by Dr. Scott Burkhart and examined over two thousand concussions through various mediums, including sideline evaluations, in-person office, and virtual visits. Often, patients were evaluated within an hour post-injury. Through all his endeavors, Dr. Caze has consistently worked with a wide spectrum of athletes, from youths to semi-professionals and professionals.