Steven Nussbaum, DO

Located in Tulsa

About Steven Nussbaum

Dr. Nussbaum’s distinguished career in emergency medicine encompasses roles as an Attending Physician at Emergency Consultants, Inc., Emergency Department Medical Director at Mercy Hospital, and Clinical Physician at the Circulatory Center of Ohio. He excelled as the Emergency Department Associate and Medical Director at Samaritan Regional Health System, achieving significant ED volume growth. Mayes County Medical Center witnessed a remarkable 36% increase in ED volume under his leadership. Dr. Nussbaum’s expertise extended to SouthCrest Emergency Physicians, where he served as a Staff Physician, and he owned and managed ERgentcare. His reputation as a skilled Emergency Medicine physician was further solidified during his tenure at Hillcrest Medical C

Dr. Nussbaum’s extensive list of licensure across multiple states, including Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and Michigan, reflects his ability to adapt to diverse medical environments. Hiscertification as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor and Basic Life Support Instructor highlights his commitment to education and training.