When you injure yourself in an auto accident, prompt, expert diagnosis is vital. Tulsa Accident Care Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has on-site diagnostic facilities, including X-Ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound technologies, as well as highly trained doctors who specialize in auto accident injuries. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can book a same-day appointment over the phone or online. Contact Tulsa Accident Care Center today for expert diagnostics and treatment.

Diagnostics Q&A

What are diagnostics?
Diagnostics are an essential part of your journey from suffering a car accident injury to optimal recovery. If you suffer any type of musculoskeletal injury or a concussion, getting the right diagnosis makes a critical difference to the outcome, as it ensures you receive the proper treatment for your injury.
It takes a trained eye to identify your injuries correctly, so it’s important that you see a qualified medical professional. Not only are the doctors at Tulsa Accident Care Center highly qualified, but they also specialize in diagnosing and treating auto accident injuries.
They have access to a full suite of diagnostic equipment, which means they can quickly and precisely evaluate the nature of your injuries and their severity. Tulsa Accident Care Center doctors perform most diagnostic procedures on-site for patient convenience and faster diagnosis.

What does the diagnostic process involve?
While every patient’s diagnostic journey can vary in certain ways, there is a typical process Tulsa Accident Care Center follows.
Your doctor begins by reviewing your medical history, which can provide important information about the effects your injury could have on you. They also need to know what happened when the accident took place and what your symptoms are now.
The physical examination is of primary importance. It enables your doctor to assess the nature of your injuries so they can order suitable diagnostic imaging tests. You won’t always have to undergo additional tests, but if a visual exam doesn’t reveal enough for a positive diagnosis, they can be very useful.

What kinds of technology does diagnostics use?
Tulsa Accident Care Center has advanced on-site scanning technologies to diagnose your condition quickly and effectively. These diagnostic technologies include:

X-rays use radiation to create images of your bones and other structures in your body. Having an X-ray is a fast, effective way to diagnose fractures or other bone traumas.

Computed tomography (CT) scans
CT scans use X-ray technology to form a 3D likeness of your internal body. They take a series of 2D images that go together to create highly detailed 3D pictures that can identify even tiny injuries.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
MRI uses magnetic energy rather than radiation to create detailed views of your body.

Digital ultrasound
Ultrasound is one of the safest forms of diagnostics, as it uses harmless high-frequency sound waves to create real-time moving images of your body.
In certain cases, you might need a blood test or other types of diagnostic services.
Find out more about the diagnostic services available at Tulsa Accident Care Center by calling the office today or book an appointment online.